Dealership Data Processing

If you are the proprietor of a vehicle dealership entering into a partnership agreement with Evolution Funding Ltd then you will undergo a process of due diligence. The data that we collect about you as a director, your business history and any other companies that you are involved in, will enable us to make a decision about how we do business with your organisation. We have a rolling programme of automated and manual review of our dealership partners which may include a review of director personal information.

Establishing your identity We collect proof of identity information in order to establish your identity when we enter into a business partnership with your vehicle dealership.
Director reviews If you are an owner of, director or partner in a business, we may also check on your business. We will also check on any proposed guarantor, so you must have their permission to disclose their information to Evolution Funding Ltd. We use companies house and Credit Safe to check company details in addition to any due diligence on you as a director.

We retain your personal data for the lifetime of our relationship with your business.

If we terminate our relationship with your business, we may still retain your personal data for our legitimate purposes, in order to fulfil our contractual obligations.