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Helping your customers buy your vehicles with ease,
in-dealership or online.

Free Digital Finance
Health Check for Dealers


Helping your customers buy your vehicles with ease,
in-dealership or online.

Free Digital Finance Health Check for Dealers

Evolution’s goal is to help you to sell more vehicles on finance.

How we support you is up to you. We have a diverse choice of products and technical solutions to choose from – from simple finance calculators right through to integrated, end-to-end digital finance journeys.

Independents & Franchised

From sole traders through to multi-site operations, our solutions are scalable and easily-implemented.

Car Supermarkets

Our solutions are designed to streamline the process of taking out finance, whilst also maximising conversions.

Digital Dealers

We are the only UK broker who can deliver a fully end-to-end motor finance journey, across the whole of market.

Digital Finance API

This game-changing technology facilitates automated, self-serve, multi-lender, car finance e-commerce journeys.

Digital Finance API allows you to integrate Evolution's technology into your own platform and take greater control of the consumer journey.

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Motor Finance Eligibility Checker (MCCS)

Our online credit score checker is easy to add to your vehicle sales website via a simple banner. With minimal input, your customer can check for free their eligibility for motor finance. This then generates a pre-screened lead for your dealership.

Car Finance Calculator

Display instant HP & PCP comparison quotes on your vehicle details page using just one line of code. Your customer is given a quote, monthly payment and APR based on their credit rating. They can then apply for finance online, generating a lead for your dealership.

Finance Application Form

Taking just minutes to complete, your customer’s application delivers a pre-approved outcome in seconds. Our lender selection technology then routes the application based on lender criteria. 75% of decisions are automated, ensuring a fast and efficient transaction.

Credit Score-Based Pricing

In response to the FCA changes around discretionary commission models, our innovative and unique credit score-based pricing model delivers rates based on your customer’s credit profile. This uses soft search via Evolution’s IQ platform across multiple prime lenders.

Specialist Rate for Risk Team

Where your customer is not eligible for core funder terms, they will be routed through to our specialist Rate for Risk team, Evolution Extra. We will handle the transaction from start to finish, saving you the admin whilst improving the chances of an accept for your customer.

Compliance Module

Meet your regulatory commitments by displaying compliant Adequate Explanation Videos to your customer alongside the credit agreement. Tracked and time-stamped, we retain an auditable record of what the customer has seen and downloaded.

Sign Anywhere

Create a more streamlined, convenient and compliant online process using our Sign Anywhere facility. With a broad panel of lenders integrated with Sign Anywhere, your customer can complete a deal from their home or in dealership in minimal time.

Payout: Self-Billing

Once the deal is done, you’ll want paying as soon as possible. Self-billing allows Evolution to electronically generate an invoice on your behalf. This function creates a smoother payout journey for you and your customer by reducing admin and minimising invoice errors.

Direct Lender Platform

Propose your first-string lender and Evolution’s panel using one-time input on our proposal management system, DealerZone.

Where your customer does not meet lender criteria, the application is automatically re-routed to Evolution’s panel, minimising admin and improving finance penetration.

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Want to find out more?

Want to find out more?