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Credit Pre-screening

Check customers for motor finance eligibility and deliver compliant, real rate pricing.

Today’s consumer expects their experience of shopping for motor finance to be like shopping for credit cards or holidays.

In short, they want a streamlined and digitised journey which gives them choice, instant quotes and no negative impact.

Our pre-screening technology delivers all of this whilst also reducing your admin and processing time and costs.

Credit pre-screening customer choosing product

Increased finance penetration

Enhanced transparency & compliance

Eliminates admin of ineligible customers

Delivers better customer outcomes

Intelligent quote in showroom

Intelligent Quote (IQ)

In-showroom via DealerZone

Input your customers details – just name, address and date of birth – to determine the likelihood and cost of credit without impacting your customer’s credit file.

  • Minimal customer data input required, soft search only.
  • Credit score-based pricing delivers a compliant rate, uninfluenced by commission earnings.
  • Ensures you show the right cars to the right customers, based on affordability.
  • Gives customers a realistic indication of their credit and buying options.
  • Supports compliance by preventing credit impaired customers being searched unnecessarily by prime funders.

My Car Credit Score (MCCS)

Web-based eligibility checker

Display banners on your vehicle sales website inviting customers to check their eligibility.

  • Minimal data input, soft search only.
  • Credit score-based pricing delivers a compliant rate, uninfluenced by commission earnings.
  • Delivers credit score, likelihood of acceptance and indication of cost of credit.
  • Higher chance of a positive outcome due to large funder panel.
  • Captures customer data, generating leads for your dealership.
  • Can be white-labeled and branded to own UX/UI.
Comparison API illustration

Comparison API

Rates comparison for Marketplace providers

Integrate your own platform with our Comparison API to display highly compliant rate comparison tables, including pre-approved rates for eligible customers.

  • Minimal data input, soft search only.
  • Uses whole of market for better customer outcomes.
  • Rules-based algorithms deliver a compliant fixed rate, uninfluenced by commission earnings.
  • 100% eligibility pre-approves the customer for a real rate (rather than representative APR).
  • Pre-approval leads to increased conversion rates.

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