Customer Data Processing

Evolution Funding Ltd is a broker and not a lender. We need to process your personal data in order to provide you with access to the vehicle finance that you are applying for. If we do not have access to the relevant information contained in the data that you as a customer, provide either directly to us or via a third party, then we will be unable to provide the brokerage services advertised. We will not process any information about you that we do not need in order to provide and oversee the services that you are applying for.

Source of Personal Data Summary of Activity Our Role
Vehicle Dealerships Motor vehicle dealerships collect your personal data from you and submit it to us via our dedicated dealership portal – in order to facilitate your access to funding of the motor vehicle that they wish to sell to you and that you wish to purchase.  They retain access to your personal data via our secure dealership portal. We will only process information about you that we need in order to perform our brokerage duties and provide you with access to motor finance. Data Processor / Data Controller
Customers directed to My Car Credit (MCC) from funding partnership websites. We use the information that is shared with us in order to perform our contracted brokerage tasks under the label of the funding partner:
  • To make an assessment of the likelihood of a successful vehicle loan application.
  • To make a submission of a customer vehicle funding application to our panel of funders.
  • For validating proof of identity and conducting assessments of suitability and affordability to support the proposed loan.
Data Processor
Lead Generator Tools hosted on dealership websites. We provide online credit score and loan calculation services through My Car Credit Score (MCCS) and our Plug-In Calculator (PIC) which are hosted on dealership websites. No personal data is generated by the PIC alone. The sales lead data that is associated with the dealership that is hosting the MCCS is available via logon to our secure dealership portal. Data Processor
Lead Generator Tools hosted on dealership websites. For Customers who share their data with us through our lead generator tools – we also process this data for our own purposes and so act as a data controller when we follow up the results of their credit score and occasionally send them prompts to progress to a full application for credit. Data Controller
Lead Generator Tool and Online Application Form. Customers who use our lead generator tools and choose to progress their enquiry to a full application using our online loan application form: We will process this customer data in order to provide them with a brokerage service for the vehicle loan that they require. Data Controller
My Car Credit website customers. Customers share their personal data directly with us when they use one of our ‘direct to customer’ services such as our Credit Score calculator and application form on the My Car Credit website. Data Controller
Price Comparison website customers who choose My Car Credit as their broker. Customers share their personal data with us when they choose us as their brokerage service from a list presented to them by one of our partner’s intermediary services. Data Controller

All the personal data we hold about you will be processed by our staff and systems in the United Kingdom.  Your data will never be processed, by us or our suppliers, outside the EEA.

Your information may be passed to third parties, where required, to provide the services you have applied for, as well as where there is a legal obligation for us to provide third parties with this information e.g. The FCA or The Police, to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute fraud, alleged fraud, money laundering and other crimes, and to confirm your identity.

We will use your data to process your application for services provided by Evolution Funding Ltd. This processing will include some or all of the below:

Making contact with usIf you contact us via our website then your data may be processed by one of our suppliers such as those companies that we contract to provide data processing services for us including those who host our data processing servers.
Establishing your identity

We collect proof of identity information in order to establish your identity when we:

  • Broker vehicle finance for you.
Facilitating your request for vehicle finance quotations

Automated decision making

  • We may use automatic decision making as part of the funding decision process, as do some of the finance companies that your application may be sent to.
  • This will involve automatically requesting information from credit reference agencies (CRAs) and using this data along with the other data that we possess in order to assess your suitability for the services requested.
  • To request a manual review of your application please contact:
Conducting Credit Searches

Soft Credit Searches

  • The type of credit search that we initially do is known as a ‘soft’ credit check and so does not affect your credit score.
  • Using a soft credit search allows you to get quotes without affecting your credit rating as although they are visible on your credit report they do not show up in the same way as a full credit check until you decide to proceed with a full application for a loan. However, searches made by external lenders on our panel may show on your credit profile, depending on the type of search they use.

Passing your details to Credit Reference Agencies.

  • If you enter into an agreement with us, or one of the lenders on our panel, information on this agreement will be passed to the credit reference agencies.
  • We and lenders on our panel will search your record at credit reference agencies. This is done to ensure lenders have the necessary information to assess your financial profile, verify your identity, to help prevent fraud and to provide you with their best product options.

The Credit Reference Agencies we use are:

In addition, CIFAS checks may be undertaken by finance companies (funders) as part of their own processes.

Fraud prevention

The personal information collected from you will be shared with fraud prevention agencies who will use it to:

  • Prevent fraud
  • Prevent money-laundering
  • Verify your identity

If fraud is detected, you could be refused certain services, finance or employment.

Further details about how your information may be used by funders, fraud prevention agencies, and your data protection rights in relation to this, can be found at

Facilitating your purchase of an affordable vehicle

If a vehicle dealership has submitted your initial application for funding to us in order to facilitate (broker) your purchase of a motor vehicle from them then we would share the outcome of your application assessment with them.

The information that we share – with the dealership – may include details of your maximum approved credit but we will only do this with your consent sought by the dealership at the time of completing your vehicle finance application with you.

If you are not content for us to share this information with the vehicle dealership then please inform them that you do not give your consent for this to happen.

Applying for the Loan

Sharing your information with Finance Companies for them to underwrite your application.

  • Your application may be passed to more than one finance company in order to obtain the most appropriate and suitable offer for your personal circumstances.
  • Suitable lenders are identified by either one or both of:
    • Proprietary Credit Scoring and Analytics.
    • Manual underwriters reviewing applications.

To view a full list of our current finance partners please click here. Your application may be sent to a selection of lenders on this list, lender selection is based on a large number of criteria including but not limited to; information on credit files, proposal and affordability data, the vehicle the application is made against etc.

Customer Services and Administration of our Services

Call recording and monitoring

We may record and monitor, emails, SMS messages or other communications for:

  • Quality control and ensuring effective operation of systems.
  • Training- we will usually anonymise calls for this purpose.
  • Processing necessary for entering into or performance of a contract.
  • Meeting our regulatory obligations.
  • Prevention or detection of crime.
  • For the legitimate interests of the data controller.

After Transaction Processing

  • We may conduct after-transaction surveys, via an independent third-party survey company. Some of your data may be passed to our supplier to allow us to improve our products and services.
  • We may use a third-party email marketing company to run some marketing services. If you consent to us marketing to you, and we run a marketing campaign, some of your data may be processed by our service provider.  Further information can be found in our Marketing Notice.
  • To handle enquiries and complaints: It is in our interests to make sure that complaints are investigated so that our customers receive a high standard of service and we can prevent future complaints.

To transfer your information to or share it with any organisation your account has been or may be transferred to – following a restructure, sale or takeover of Evolution Funding Ltd or any of our trading styles.

Statistical Analysis

  • Anonymised data on previous customer transactions is used to improve the products and services we offer, as well as to understand and improve the accuracy of our underwriting.

Once your application for funding has been completed/ your transaction completed, you will be able to obtain a full list of who your data has been shared with by sending an Email to

We are a credit broker and so we will pass information to lenders on our panel. To see a list of finance companies on our funding panel, please go to

We may also pass your information to our technology providers, and other selected providers of our products and services.  Where it is necessary to share your personal data with other organisations, we will comply with all aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (DPA 2018).

Added Products

Post-sale we may pass your information to GID who offer additional insurance and warranty products.


When we collect your personal information, the length of time we retain it is determined by the purpose for which we use that information and our legal and regulatory obligations.

Once we have established that we no longer require the information for the specified purposes for which it was collected or the purposes outlined below, we would either anonymise or delete the information.  We would not retain personal information in an identifiable format for longer than is necessary.

Other determinants for the length of time that we retain your personal information are:

  • Our legitimate interests and the need to use your personal information to establish, bring or defend legal claims,
  • The requirement by law or regulation for us to hold your personal information for a longer period, or to delete it sooner,
  • Your decision to exercise your right to have the information erased (where this applies).

If you would like information about the retention of your personal data that we are processing, in relation to your application for vehicle finance, please contact us at