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Did You Know?

DealerZone User Guide

Tips on getting faster and smoother acceptances and payouts.

Inputting correct figures

You can help reduce payout errors by ensuring you input all figures correctly on your customer’s quotation.


  • Ensure more accurate decisions with only appropriate funders used.
  • No need to amend after acceptance or re-signing of documents at payout.
  • Reduce VAT liability by correctly splitting out negative equity.

1. Log into the ‘Quote’ section of DealerZone.

2. Work through each field, ensuring all contain the correct figures. 

3. The system will split your VAT out for you, adding on VAT where you select ‘Yes’.

4. You can add Products & Extras by clicking ‘Add’, ensuring you split out the VAT correctly as you go.

5. If there is a settlement or negative equity, you can input the true breakdown of figures here.

6. Once all figures have been correctly entered and VAT specified, your quotation is complete.