Evolution Funding and Click Dealer – One Year On

Evolution Funding & Click Dealer One Year On

How time flies! July is officially one year since Evolution Funding and Click Dealer joined forces.

It’s incredible that in such a short time, so much has been achieved, from holding workshops on Compliance, Automation and Eligibility, allowing us to open valuable channels for knowledge sharing, to both companies growing in their position as market leaders in their respective areas.

“The warm welcome we received straight out of the gates has helped everybody come together and it has been exciting so far and continues to be about what we can achieve together”

Pippa Rawlinson CFO – Click Dealer

Both Evolution Funding and Click Dealer have spent the last 12 months investing and building important synergies and relationships that will allow us to unlock benefits over the coming year.

These benefits include how Evolution Funding and Click Dealer can collaboratively build and bring unique propositions and solutions to the market.

“I do believe that with the enthusiasm, the hard yards we have put into year one, we will definitely see those synergy benefits coming through in year two and we have an incredible proposition to take to market.”

Lee Streets CEO – Evolution Funding

One year has passed but the best is yet to come.